Friday, December 26, 2008

The first ever journey across 3 states !!!

A sure Knock out ! Read On . . . . . . . .

Metal Men's first ever trip across the state crossing Tamilnadu, Andhra and finally destination Bangalore, karnataka happened on 20th December 2008.

Metal Men Vishakh, Suman, Dinesh, Prasanna and Vinay rode their birds with soaring spirits to Bangalore, the city of fun and excitement for a 3 day weekend getaway

The five metal men started at 2;30 pm on a sunny afternoon on 20th dec after gathering at the Chennai gateway Hotel. Eventhough the expected number did not turn up, majorly disappointing the others, guess what ? The men did not lose their spirit of fiery adventure.

Sometimes small is good too, coz the team coordinated really well, stayed together and enjoyed their ride.The men reached bangalore at 11:00pm after taking a couple of short breaks, checked into hotel Moti mahal near City railway station.

Man it is terribly difficult to read maps in an unknown city, more worse if u want to get directions at midnight. But MM Vishakh came to the rescue. Wont it be great to have a kannada speaking man with us. We made our way to the hotel finally.

Suprisingly the guys were not ready to hit the bed, unable to hide their excitement, they took a stroll for a midnight dinner and then relaxed their tired muscles, only to wake up at sharp 6 the next morning.

21st December was even more memorable since the team explored the city and decided to visit the Nandi Hills, a cool picturesque spot atop a hill that was a 14 km long ride. The team spent the mid morning gazing at the blue sky and chilling out at a hill top hangout that sold a refreshingly cool foster beer.

Boys, Bikes, B - - r - This is what we call a cool holiday

After all we deserve a break from our work pressure. Then with a halfhearted feeling we ventured out into the city to relish bangalore cuisine and realised our muscles were tense from the last days 8 hour ride. So we decided to get back to the hotel and rest.

In the evening, the men visited the forum mall, which is supposed to be a happening place in Blore. did some shopping for loved ones ?!! and got back to their rooms. Chatting over dinner, exchanging plesantries, sharing personal stories brought the men together.

The men having spent two days of ultimate fun, decided to get back to the hometown and ofcourse work was calling !

The men started at 9 in the morning on 22nd december, enjoyed the ride back in unadulterated daylight and reached Chennai at 2:30 pm.

The men would definitely feel the difference ! Am sure the others are Jealous !!! Never mind you can join us the next time. But remember WE make time for ourselves.

Metal men thanks all the five who made it big by coming and all others for trying to.

Cheers to Metal Men !

MM Vinay

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Ananth said...

Vinay, Excellent trip Log... Nice to see the group in action.. FYI, I have also booked a TBTS, awaiting delivery.. How do i go about joining the METAL MEN??