Sunday, September 7, 2008

Metal Men's trip to Thiruvanmiyur Beach on 31st August 2008

The first of its kind expedition with 13 metal men happened on 31st when the team travelled around chennai coast upto thiruvanmiyur. The team met at a new locale this time since we had to give our prime meeting point to the MARG marathon guys. A big time sacrifice indeed !!

We met at a parking lot opp to spencers, and waited for a few mins for a real SURPRISE. Within seconds the parking lot was filled with flasy thunder birds. 13 of them. A deadly scene for the eyes.

Then it was time for the comitted metal men to introduce and welcome the fresjies into the team. Followed by a round of self-intro, the guys left to the beach via mount road, adyar and finally stopped at the beach road.

Then as usual the ritual of videaography started with some interesting MI-2 music and coordination of bikers. Metal men Balaji helped the team with some innovative camera placements and Metal men Sam - The Terminator by exploring new places for us. All fun happened under a 40 degree heat wave. So the guys called the day off with some cool drinks and bid off promising to meet on the 14th september with an evergreen spirit for adventure.


Metal Men

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Aravind said...

Hey Vinay, Saw the article in Times of India. I would like to join the group. I ride a thunderbird. Would like to get in touch with you.